Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Cherry's knock

 The picture is taken from Deviant Art. It is known as the Satan Cherry.

There was a knock on the door
Who’s there? a lawyer asked.
Someone special, open the door,
He was tall, dark and all masked.

Nothing was said between the two
His world collapsed, soul left
Natural death is now for a few
Happiness and love are theft.

One body turned into many
Hospital became a river of blood
Screams and sirens were not funny
Relatives came by a flood.

Media took the blow too
Headlines were run nonstop
Newsrooms were blue
Race was on to reach the top

Life is cheap now a days
Eat sleep and be merry
No point for useless frays
Sooner or later
Everyone will get a cherry


9th august 2016

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